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What is EDDM?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail – it is a marketing service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows businesses to send targeted direct mail campaigns to specific neighborhoods or areas without all the requirements of regular mailing (like mailing list procurement, addressing, and applying postage). 

With EDDM postcards, businesses can design and print postcards featuring their products, services, promotions, or any other messaging they want to convey. These postcards are then delivered to every mailbox within a chosen mail route or area, ensuring maximum exposure to potential customers. 

EDDM is popular because it is a cost-effective option for small and local businesses looking to reach potential customers in their surrounding areas.  EDDM allows you to target a particular neighborhood and mail to that entire neighborhood without having to purchase a mailing list or use stamps or metered postage which saves you a lot of money over typical mailing campaigns.

Advantages of EDDM:

Cost-effectiveness: EDDM eliminates the need for purchasing or creating expensive mailing lists, reducing costs significantly. Additionally, postage rates for EDDM are typically lower than traditional direct mail options, allowing businesses to get more bang for their buck. 

Targeted marketing: Instead of relying on broad and generic mailings, EDDM postcards enable businesses to focus their marketing efforts on specific geographic regions or neighborhoods where their target audience is likely to be located. This targeted approach enhances the chances of reaching interested and receptive customers. 

Larger format options: EDDM postcards can be designed in larger formats than standard postcards, providing more space for captivating visuals, compelling messages, and impactful branding. This allows businesses to make a strong visual impression and effectively communicate their value proposition. 

Local market penetration: EDDM postcards are especially beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers or have physical locations. By distributing postcards to nearby households, businesses can increase their visibility, inform potential customers about new products or services, and drive foot traffic to their location.  

To leverage EDDM postcards effectively, businesses need to identify their target areas or mail routes, ensure compliance with USPS guidelines, design attention-grabbing postcards, print the desired quantity, and prepare the mail pieces for delivery to the local post office. 

Overall, EDDM postcards offer businesses a cost-efficient and targeted marketing strategy that can help them reach a wide audience and generate valuable leads. If you’re considering a direct mail campaign, EDDM postcards may be an excellent option to explore. 

Here are some key points about EDDM: 

Targeted Marketing: EDDM allows businesses to choose specific ZIP codes, carrier routes, or even entire neighborhoods to reach their target audience. This makes it easier to focus on areas where potential customers are more likely to be located. 

Cost-Effective: EDDM provides a cost-effective way to reach many potential customers. The postage rates for EDDM are typically lower than traditional direct mail, and there are no additional fees for mailing lists or addressing services. 

Large Format Options: EDDM allows businesses to send mail pieces in various sizes, including oversized postcards, flyers, brochures, and menus. These larger formats can help grab the attention of recipients and showcase products or services effectively. 

Local Marketing: EDDM is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers or have physical locations. It enables them to promote special offers, grand openings, new products, or events directly to the local community. 

USPS – Every Door Direct Mail: https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm 

The benefits of using EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) over mailing regular postcards include: 

Cost Savings: EDDM can be a more cost-effective option compared to mailing regular postcards. With EDDM, there is no need to purchase or create a mailing list, which can save money. Additionally, the postage rates for EDDM are typically lower than traditional direct mail. 

Targeted Marketing: EDDM allows businesses to target specific neighborhoods or areas without the need for individual addresses. This makes it easier to reach a specific audience and focuses marketing efforts on areas where potential customers are more likely to be located. 

Larger Format Options: EDDM allows for larger format mail pieces, such as oversized postcards or flyers. These larger formats can help grab the attention of recipients and provide more space to showcase products, offers, or other marketing messages. 

Local Marketing: EDDM is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers or have physical locations. It enables them to promote special offers, new products, grand openings, or events directly to the local community. 

Simplified Mailing Process: With EDDM, businesses can simplify the mailing process. There is no need to handle individual addresses or mailing labels. Instead, businesses can prepare the mail pieces according to USPS guidelines and deliver them to the local post office for distribution. 

It’s important to note that the specific benefits of using EDDM versus mailing regular postcards may vary depending on the nature of the business and its marketing goals. Consulting with a marketing professional or reviewing additional resources may provide more insights tailored to your specific needs. 


EDDM Postcards Salt Lake City

EDDM Postcards Salt Lake City – Printed postcards used for EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) are an essential component of an EDDM marketing campaign. These postcards are specifically designed and printed to comply with USPS (United States Postal Service) requirements for EDDM mailings. Our expert staff will help guide you on best practices for messaging and design of your EDDM postcards to ensure maximum effectiveness.  


Why Work With Salt Lake Mailing and Printing for Your EDDM Printed Postcards. 

Size: EDDM postcards must adhere to specific size guidelines laid out by USPS. The approved sizes typically range from 4.25″ x 6″ to 6.25″ x 11″, ensuring that the postcards meet the mailing requirements for efficient delivery to every mailbox on a selected mail carrier route. If the sizing is off, your mailing pieces can be rejected by the US Post Office and have to be redone. 

Design: Postcard designs for EDDM should be visually appealing, eye-catching, and effectively communicate the marketing message. It’s important to utilize high-quality graphics, images, and concise yet compelling text to engage recipients and generate interest in your business or offer. We can help to make sure your design and messaging are on point and offer you the best opportunity to reach your target audience.  

Professional Postcard Printing: To ensure professional results, it is recommended to partner with a reliable printing service like Salt Lake Mailing and Printing that specializes in EDDM postcards. We have experience in printing EDDM-compliant materials and have the right equipment, people, and expertise to ensure your EDDM mailing is executed properly.  

EDDM Paperwork is Not Simple: It is crucial to include the necessary mailing information as per USPS guidelines. If your EDDM postcard paperwork is off, or they are not bundled correctly, the entire mailing will be rejected at the USPS and have to be redone. Trust our experts to handle this for you and rest easy knowing your mailing will pass through the USPS the first time.  

Quantity: When planning an EDDM campaign, it’s important to consider the quantity of postcards needed. The number of postcards required will depend on the targeted mail routes and the reach desired for the campaign. Printing companies often offer flexible quantities to accommodate various mailing projects. By utilizing well-designed and properly printed postcards for EDDM, businesses can effectively convey their message to a wide audience within specific geographic areas. These postcards play a crucial role in attracting attention, generating leads, and driving customer engagement. 

Remember, it’s always advisable to consult with professional printing services or refer to USPS guidelines for accurate specifications when creating and printing postcards for EDDM campaigns.   

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